The Perfect University Letter of Recommendation Template: Tips and Examples

As students near graduation, they start to think about their future and the steps they need to take in order to land their dream job. One important aspect of the job application process is obtaining a letter of recommendation from a university professor or employer. To make this process easier for both the student and the recommender, many universities have created a template for their letter of recommendation.

These university letter of recommendation templates are a fantastic resource for students seeking a letter of recommendation because they provide a standard format for the recommender to follow. The template allows recommenders to simply fill in the blanks with the student’s specific information, and the letter is complete. This saves time for both the student and the recommender, and ensures that the letter contains all the necessary information.

The great thing about university letter of recommendation templates is that they can be edited as needed. Every student is different and requires a unique letter that reflects their individual strengths and experiences. The template provides a framework that can be tweaked and tailored to ensure that each student receives a personalized letter of recommendation that highlights their achievements and potential. These templates and examples can be found on the school’s website, or students can ask their professors or advisors for assistance in locating them.

The Ideal Structure for a University Letter of Recommendation Template

If you have been asked to write a university letter of recommendation, it is important that you structure it in a way that accurately reflects the student’s strengths and abilities. The structure of the letter will not only make it easier to read, but will also help the reader to understand the purpose of the letter and why the student is deserving of the opportunity. In this article, we will go through the best structure for a university letter of recommendation template.

First and foremost, the letter should begin with an introduction. This is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and your relationship with the student. It is important to establish your credibility and why you are qualified to write the letter of recommendation. You can include your job title, how long you have known the student, and any significant experiences you have had with the student. Additionally, you can briefly state why the student has asked you to write the letter of recommendation.

Next, you should move on to the body of the letter. In this section, you should outline the student’s strengths and abilities. It is important to be specific and provide examples of the student’s work, achievements, skills, and characteristics. This will help to paint a picture of the student’s capabilities and give the reader a better understanding of what the student can bring to the university. Remember to use descriptive language and avoid generic statements. Use your personal experience with the student to provide relevant and meaningful examples of their strengths.

After outlining the student’s strengths, it is valuable to provide more context on the student. You can discuss the student’s personal qualities, such as their work ethic, passion, creativity, and leadership abilities. You can also speak to their academic achievements and any extracurricular activities they have participated in. This section provides a deeper understanding of the student and reinforces why they would be a valuable addition to the university.

Finally, you should conclude the letter with a summary statement. This statement should reiterate why the student is qualified for the opportunity and why you recommend them. You can provide a final positive endorsement and give the reader permission to contact you if they have any further questions. It is essential that you express your support for the student and emphasize that you believe they would be an asset to the university.

In summary, the ideal structure for a university letter of recommendation template includes an introduction, a description of the student’s strengths, more context on the student, and a summary statement. By structuring your letter in this way, you will provide a comprehensive and meaningful account of the student’s capabilities and why they should be considered for the opportunity. Remember to be specific, use descriptive language, and provide examples to make your case as compelling as possible. Good luck!

University Letter of Recommendation Template

University Letter of Recommendation Templates

Letter of Recommendation Template for Grad School

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to recommend John Smith for admission to your graduate program. John completed his undergraduate studies in Biology at XYZ University and I had the pleasure of teaching him in several of my classes.

John was one of the most dedicated and hardworking students I have ever had in my career as a professor. He consistently achieved high grades and actively participated in class discussions, demonstrating his deep understanding of the subject matter. His passion for research was also evident through the numerous initiatives he took outside of class, including leading an independent research project on marine ecology.

Overall, I strongly endorse John Smith’s application to your graduate program and have no doubt that he would be an asset to your academic community.


Prof. Jane Doe

Letter of Recommendation Template for Scholarship

Dear Scholarship Committee,

I am writing this letter to recommend Sarah Johnson for the XYZ Scholarship. As the head of the Political Science Department at ABC University, I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah for the past three years.

Sarah is an exceptional student who has consistently demonstrated academic excellence in her coursework and in her extracurricular activities. Her stellar GPA and involvement in the Model UN team showcases her commitment to academic excellence and global citizenship. Additionally, Sarah has been actively involved in numerous community service initiatives, which show her compassion and leadership skills towards social justice issues.

I am confident that Sarah will continue to excel academically and through her community initiatives, and I have no doubt that she will be a valuable addition to the XYZ Scholarship program.

Best regards,

Prof. John Smith

Letter of Recommendation Template for Internship

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am glad to recommend Peter Lee for an internship in your company. Peter has been a student in my Computer Science class at XYZ University, and I am confident that he will make an excellent intern.

Peter’s performance in the classroom has been exceptional, consistently demonstrating a deep understanding of programming languages and a keen eye for detail. He often went above and beyond the requirements of the course, dedicating his time to projects and initiatives beyond the classroom. These initiatives demonstrated his passion for software development and his problem-solving skills.

Based on my experience with Peter, I have no doubt that he will perform well in your company’s internship program and make significant contributions to your projects.

Thank you for considering my recommendation.


Prof. Jane Doe

Letter of Recommendation Template for Job

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am pleased to recommend Jane Smith for the role of Sales Manager at your company. With 5 years of experience in her previous role as a Sales Executive, Jane has shown an exceptional track record in driving revenue growth and exceeding sales targets.

Jane has excellent communication and leadership skills, which have enabled her to build lasting relationships with clients and motivate team members to achieve success. She is highly organized and has a talent for analyzing sales data to develop effective strategies.

I strongly endorse Jane for the Sales Manager role at your company and am confident that her skills and experience will be a strong asset to your team.

Best regards,

Prof. John Smith

Letter of Recommendation Template for Study Abroad

Dear Study Abroad Program Coordinator,

I am writing to recommend Michael Johnson for the study abroad program at your university. Michael was a student in my Art History class at ABC University and demonstrated an exceptional understanding and passion for the subject.

Michael’s academic performance has been consistently outstanding with a strong grasp of the major concepts and themes in Art History. His love for travel and interest in different cultures, combined with his language proficiency in Spanish, makes him an ideal candidate for your program in Spain.

I strongly endorse Michael’s application to your study abroad program and have no doubt that he will be an excellent ambassador for your university and enrich his cultural learning experiences.

Best regards,

Prof. Jane Doe

Letter of Recommendation Template for Leadership Program

Dear Leadership Program Director,

I am writing to recommend Angela Lee for your highly competitive leadership program. Angela is a talented and driven individual who has consistently demonstrated her capacity for leadership in both her academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Angela has been an active member of the student government at XYZ University, where she has helped organize various events and initiatives, bringing together students from diverse backgrounds. Her enthusiasm, creativity, and effective communication skills have enabled her to manage teams successfully and deliver outstanding results.

I am confident that Angela’s skills and experience make her an ideal candidate for your leadership program. She will undoubtedly benefit from the program and, in turn, contribute to its success.

Thank you for considering Angela’s application.


Prof. John Smith

University Letter of Recommendation Template Tips

Writing a letter of recommendation for a student is a wonderful opportunity to help them get admitted into their desired university. However, it can also be daunting if you are unsure of what to include in the letter. Here are some tips to help you write a compelling university letter of recommendation:

  • Personalize the letter: Make the letter specific to the student by mentioning their name, program of study, and any unique experiences you had with them. Avoid using generic statements that could apply to any student.
  • Highlight their strengths: Emphasize the student’s academic achievements, leadership skills, and positive character traits that make them an excellent candidate for the university. Use specific examples to illustrate your points.
  • Be honest and credible: Provide an honest assessment of the student’s academic and personal qualities while also highlighting any areas where they may need improvement. You want the reader to trust your judgement and expertise.
  • Keep it concise: A letter of recommendation should be no longer than one page. Focus on the most important points and keep your writing clear and simple.
  • Proofread: Check your letter for any errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation. A poorly written letter can negatively impact the student’s chances of admission.

Remember, the goal of a university letter of recommendation is to showcase the student’s strengths and persuade the admissions committee to accept them. By following these tips, you can help the student’s application stand out and increase their chances of success.

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I hope this university letter of recommendation template has been helpful for all you students out there! Remember, it’s crucial to have a strong letter of recommendation when applying for college or grad school, so use this template to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. And check back in with us later for more helpful tips and tricks to make your academic journey as successful and stress-free as possible.