How to Create a Professional USMC Letter of Recommendation Template for Your Marine

If you’re a Marine, you understand the importance of recommendation letters. These letters often make the difference between being approved or denied for a promotion or career opportunity. Many Marines struggle to compose a compelling letter of recommendation, which is where the USMC Letter of Recommendation Template comes in.

This template is a godsend for Marines who need a starting point for their recommendations. It offers a structure for writers to follow, ensuring they hit all the necessary points without forgetting important details. This template is also customizable, meaning writers can tailor it to their specific needs. The resulting letters are well-organized, clear, and persuasive.

Examples of the USMC Letter of Recommendation Template are readily available online, making it easy for anyone to get started. Whether you’re writing your first recommendation or your fiftieth, there’s no reason to struggle alone. The USMC Letter of Recommendation Template is a helpful tool that can help guide you to success.

The Ideal Structure for a USMC Letter of Recommendation Template

If you are ever in the position to write a letter of recommendation for someone applying to the United States Marine Corps, it is important that you provide clear and concise information that can help the recruiting officer in their decision-making process. To make things easier for you, we have created an ideal structure for a USMC letter of recommendation template that you can follow.

First things first, it is important to introduce yourself and explain your relationship with the person you are writing the letter for. This should be the first paragraph of your letter. You should include your name, contact information, and your professional or personal standing with the candidate. Make sure to also include any relevant details such as how long you’ve known the applicant, how well you know them, and in what capacity you’ve worked with them.

The second paragraph should highlight the candidate’s strengths, skills, and achievements. Briefly touch upon their academic or work performance, leadership abilities, problem-solving skills, and any specific accomplishments that make them stand out. This is the ideal opportunity to showcase the applicant’s strengths and how they stand out amongst their peers.

The third paragraph should focus on the applicant’s character traits. You can provide examples to showcase their discipline, work ethic, motivation, and perseverance. These qualities are highly valued in the military and can definitely provide the candidate with an edge when it comes to their selection process.

The final paragraph should briefly conclude the letter while restating the applicant’s potential to be an excellent member of the USMC. It’s essential for you, in this final paragraph, to provide your contact information once again, and an offer of further assistance if necessary.

It is important to remember to keep the tone of your letter professional, but also personal. Try to convey your admiration for the candidate and your confidence in their potential to excel in the Marine Corps. By using this template, you can make a strong case for the candidate and help them be the perfect addition to the USMC.

Professional USMC Letter of Recommendation Template

USMC Letter of Recommendation Templates

Recommendation for Meritorious Promotion

Dear Sergeant Major,

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Corporal John Smith for a meritorious promotion. As his commanding officer for the past year, I have watched Corporal Smith demonstrate exceptional leadership, dedication, and work ethic. He consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that his unit is performing at its best.

During our last deployment, Corporal Smith’s exceptional leadership and quick thinking saved the lives of multiple Marines in his platoon. His ability to remain calm under pressure and make critical decisions in a high-stress environment was truly inspiring to those around him. I am confident that Corporal Smith has the necessary qualities and skills to excel in any higher position within the USMC.

Thank you for your consideration of my recommendation.


Lieutenant Colonel Jane Doe

Letter of Recommendation for Officer Candidate School

Dear Captain Smith,

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Private First Class Jane Adams, who is applying to Officer Candidate School. PFC Adams is an exceptional Marine with a strong desire to lead and serve her country. She has shown her commitment to the Corps through her dedication to her duties and the respect that she has earned from her fellow Marines.

PFC Adams has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership and initiative since her enlistment. Her ability to work well under pressure and maintain a high degree of professionalism has earned her the respect of her superiors and subordinates. She has shown exceptional communication and organizational skills in her role as team leader and has been instrumental in the success of many missions.

Based on my observations and interactions with PFC Adams, I am confident in her ability to excel in the role of an officer. She has the determination, drive and dedication to lead as an officer in the USMC. She eagerly accepts the challenges put before her and is always willing to go the extra mile to complete the mission. I highly recommend PFC Adams for Officer Candidate School.

Thank you for considering my recommendation.


Gunnery Sergeant John Doe

Letter of Recommendation for Retirement

Dear Sergeant Major Smith,

I am writing to provide my strongest endorsement for Master Gunnery Sergeant Jack Johnson upon his upcoming retirement from the USMC. As his commanding officer, I have had the privilege of working alongside MGySgt Johnson for over 20 years and have witnessed firsthand his unwavering commitment to the Corps and his fellow Marines.

MGySgt Johnson’s extensive military experience, leadership, and dedication to duty are a testament to his character. He has led by example as a mentor to many junior Marines, helping to shape them into the leaders that they are today. His impressive work ethic, steadfast professionalism, and unwavering commitment to the mission have made him a respected and admired member of the USMC.

MGySgt Johnson’s leadership and his extraordinary contributions are a true asset to the Corps. I can unequivocally recommend him for any task or challenge. His legacy will continue to inspire future generations of Marines for years to come.

Thank you for your consideration of my recommendation.

With sincere respect,

Colonel Jane Smith

Letter of Recommendation for Special Operations

Dear Major Johnson,

I am writing to recommend Sergeant Tom Brown for selection into Special Operations. As his commanding officer, I have witnessed firsthand his dedication to the USMC and his exceptional abilities as a Marine.

Sgt Brown’s leadership and skills are exceptional, and his capabilities in combat are unmatched. In his seven years of service, he has shown exceptional discipline, intelligence, and courage. During his last deployment, he played a critical role in the success of his unit through his quick thinking and unparalleled combat skills.

Sgt Brown is physically fit and mentally robust, with the ability to perform well in high-stress situations. He consistently demonstrates the values and ideals that are sought after in Special Operations, with exceptional technical and tactical competence.

Based on my observations and interactions with Sgt Brown, I strongly recommend him for selection into Special Operations. I am confident in his abilities to represent the USMC with honor and distinction in this critical role.

Thank you for considering my recommendation.


Major Jane Doe

Letter of Recommendation for Enlistment

Dear Sergeant Jones,

I am writing to recommend John Doe for enlistment into the USMC. I have known John for many years and have seen him develop into a responsible, mature, and dedicated young man.

John understands that the Marine Corps is a way of life, and he is fully committed to serving his country and his fellow Marines. He is physically fit, mentally robust, and has shown steadfast commitment to the core values of the USMC throughout his life. John has demonstrated his leadership capabilities as a team captain of his high school football team and has always been a positive role model for his peers.

I am confident that John has the necessary character, work ethic, and discipline to excel as a Marine and serve honorably. I strongly recommend John for enlistment into the USMC and believe that he will be an asset to our organization.

Thank you for your consideration of my recommendation.


Staff Sergeant Jane Smith

Letter of Recommendation for Defense Meritorious Service Medal

Dear General Brown,

I am writing to recommend Captain John Smith for the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. During his tenure in the USMC, Captain Smith has demonstrated exceptional leadership, excellence in performance, and dedication beyond the call of duty.

Captain Smith has been instrumental in coordinating multiple missions and operations that have had a significant impact on the success of his unit. He was the key factor in gaining the trust and respect of local community leaders in Afghanistan, which resulted in improved safety and security for both Afghan civilians and US service members in the region.

Captain Smith’s leadership and dedication to duty have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers, superiors, and subordinates. His ability to remain calm under pressure and make critical decisions in the most difficult situations is a testament to his character and professionalism.

Based on my observations and interactions with Captain Smith, I highly recommend him for the Defense Meritorious Service Medal. His contributions have been invaluable, and he serves as a role model for all Marines.

Thank you for considering my recommendation.


Lieutenant Colonel John Doe

Top Tips for Writing a USMC Letter of Recommendation Template

Writing a USMC letter of recommendation template can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with military jargon and customs. However, the good news is that it’s not as difficult as it may seem, as long as you follow some simple guidelines. Here are some top tips to help you craft a convincing and effective letter:

Know the Purpose of the Letter

The first step in writing a USMC letter of recommendation is to understand the purpose of the letter. Generally, the letter is used to support the promotion or advancement of a Marine. As such, you should highlight the individual’s qualities, achievements, leadership skills, and other attributes that make him or her a valuable asset to the military.

Use Clear and Concise Language

When writing a USMC letter of recommendation, it’s important to use clear and concise language. Avoid using complex jargon that may confuse the reader. Instead, use simple and straightforward language to convey your message.

Follow the Formatting Guidelines

USMC letters of recommendation follow a specific formatting style, and it’s essential to follow these guidelines. Use official USMC letterhead and include the date, recipient’s name, and address at the top of the letter. Also, address the recipient appropriately, depending on their rank or position.

Showcase the Marine’s Accomplishments

The main purpose of a USMC letter of recommendation is to showcase the Marine’s accomplishments, skills, and leadership abilities. Provide specific examples of how the Marine has performed in various situations, such as combat, training, or community service. Use facts and figures to support your claims.

Emphasize Leadership Qualities

Leadership is a critical component of the USMC, and it’s essential to highlight the Marine’s leadership qualities in your letter. Discuss how the Marine has demonstrated leadership skills, such as the ability to motivate and inspire others, make tough decisions, and achieve mission objectives.

Avoid Bias

When writing a USMC letter of recommendation, it’s crucial to avoid any bias or personal opinions that may influence the reader. Stick to the facts and provide concrete examples to support your claims. If you’re not familiar with the Marine’s accomplishments, you may want to consult with other colleagues or superiors to gather more information.

By following these tips, you can craft a USMC letter of recommendation that highlights the Marine’s achievements and leadership strengths, and supports their promotion or advancement in the military.

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