How to Use a General Letter of Recommendation Template: Tips and Examples

Are you tasked to write a letter of recommendation but don’t know where to start? Look no further as we have the perfect solution for you – a general letter of recommendation template! This template is designed to help you write an effective and concise recommendation letter for any occasion. Whether you need to recommend a student, colleague, or employee, this template has got you covered.

The best part about this general letter of recommendation template is that it is completely customizable. You can find examples online and edit them as needed to suit your specific needs. It’s an easy and stress-free way to write a top-notch recommendation letter, even if you have little experience in writing one. With this template, you can focus on the content of the letter rather than worrying about the structure and format.

So, if you want to make a lasting impression on the recipient of your recommendation letter, use this general letter of recommendation template to help you craft a well-written and compelling letter. With a little bit of tweaking, you can make any recommendation shine. So, why not give it a try and see how easy it is to create a powerful recommendation letter that will help someone achieve their goals?

The Best Structure for a General Letter of Recommendation Template

Hey there! So, you’ve been tasked with writing a letter of recommendation for someone close to you – congratulations! Whether it’s for a school application, a job opportunity, or anything in between, a letter of recommendation can really make or break someone’s chances. But where to start?

First things first, you want to make sure your letter has a clear and organized structure. A good way to go about this is to follow a traditional three-paragraph format.

In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and your relationship to the person you’re recommending. This is where you can establish your credibility and give context to your letter. It’s also a good time to provide an overview of the person’s qualifications – what makes them stand out and why they’re deserving of the opportunity they’re applying for.

The second paragraph is where you really dive into your personal observations and experiences with the person you’re recommending. This is your chance to share specific stories or examples that demonstrate why they’re a great fit for the position they’re applying for. It’s important to be specific rather than general, as this helps to paint a clear picture of the person’s strengths and abilities. Don’t be afraid to highlight their personality traits as well – things like work ethic, interpersonal skills, and passion can go a long way.

Finally, in the third paragraph, wrap things up with a strong endorsement of the person you’re recommending. This is where you can reiterate why they’re the best candidate for the position and why you believe in their abilities. Keep it positive and confident – you want the reader to feel excited about the person you’re recommending.

Overall, when writing a letter of recommendation, it’s important to remember that every word counts. Make sure your letter is well-structured, specific, and authentic to really help the person you’re recommending shine. Happy writing!

Best regards,
[Your Name]

General Letter of Recommendation Template

General Letter of Recommendation Template

Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School

Dear Admissions Committee,

It is my pleasure to recommend [Name] for admission to graduate school. I have had the privilege of working with [Name] for [length of time] in [context]. During this time, [Name] consistently impressed me with [specific skills or qualities].

As [Name]’s [role], [he/she] demonstrated [specific examples of skills or achievements in the field]. [He/She] has [relevant experiences/academic achievements] that demonstrate [his/her] passion and dedication to [field of study].

I strongly recommend [Name] for admission to graduate school. [He/She] is an exceptional candidate who will be an asset to any program lucky enough to have [him/her].

Best regards,

[Your Name], [Your Role]

Letter of Recommendation for Employment

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to highly recommend [Name] for employment. I have had the pleasure of working with [him/her] for [length of time] at [company name] in [context], and [he/she] has consistently impressed me with [specific skills or qualities].

[Name] has a proven track record of [achievements in the field] and [specific projects or responsibilities]. [He/She] is a hardworking, reliable, and dedicated employee who consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the success of [his/her] team and the company as a whole.

I highly recommend [Name] for any employment opportunity in [field]. [He/She] would be an exceptional employee who would make an immediate and positive impact on any company lucky enough to have [him/her].


[Your Name], [Your Role]

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship

Dear Scholarship Committee,

I am excited to recommend [Name] for scholarship consideration. [He/She] is an exceptional student who impressed me in [class or project] with [specific skills or qualities]. [Name] has a passion for [field of study] that is evident in [specific achievements or experiences in the field].

[Name] is a hardworking, driven and dedicated student with a proven track record of academic success. [He/She] is actively involved in [extracurricular activities or community involvement] and has demonstrated leadership skills in various capacities.

I strongly endorse [Name] for this scholarship opportunity. [He/She] is a deserving candidate who will maximize this opportunity and make a profound impact in [field of study].

Best wishes,

[Your Name], [Your Role]

Letter of Recommendation for Volunteer Work

Dear Volunteer Coordinator,

I am delighted to recommend [Name] to volunteer in your organization. [He/She] volunteered with me for [length of time] and demonstrated an outstanding commitment to [cause or mission].

[Name] worked diligently to achieve [specific outcomes or improvements] and consistently demonstrated strong teamwork skills. [He/She] is a reliable and dedicated individual with a positive attitude and a willingness to help in any way possible.

[Name]’s passion for [cause or mission] was evident in [specific achievements or experiences], which underscored [his/her] commitment to [cause or mission]. I strongly recommend [Name] for any volunteer opportunity in your organization. [He/She] would make a valuable asset to the team.


[Your Name], [Your Role]

Letter of Recommendation for Higher Education

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to recommend [Name] for admission to [college/university]. [He/She] was a student in my [class or program] and consistently impressed me with [specific skills or qualities] during [length of time].

[Name] is a highly motivated student with a passion for learning. [His/Her] academic record is exemplary, and [he/she] demonstrated an ability to excel in a variety of subjects, including [specific classes or areas of study].

I strongly recommend [Name] to your institution. [He/She] possesses a unique combination of intelligence, work ethic, and creativity that will enable [him/her] to thrive at [college/university] and beyond.

Best regards,

[Your Name], [Your Role]

Letter of Recommendation for Community Service Award

Dear Award Committee,

I am pleased to recommend [Name] for the Community Service Award. [He/She] has been an active member of our community for [length of time] and has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to [cause or mission].

[Name] has consistently volunteered [time or skills] at [organization or event]. [He/She] demonstrated leadership skills by [specific examples of leadership], which has resulted in [specific results or improvements].

[Name] is an inspirational individual who has inspired many to get involved in [cause or mission]. I strongly recommend [Name] for this prestigious award. [He/She] exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism and community service, and [he/she] will be an excellent ambassador for this award.


[Your Name], [Your Role]

Tips for Writing a General Letter of Recommendation

Writing a general letter of recommendation can be a challenging task, especially if you’re not sure what to include. Whether you’re writing a recommendation for a coworker, former employee, or student, the letter should highlight their strengths and qualifications. Here are a few tips to help you write a compelling general letter of recommendation:

  • Begin by outlining the purpose of the letter and what position the person is applying for. This will help you tailor your recommendation to the job or opportunity.
  • Include specific examples that illustrate the person’s skills and abilities. For example, if you’re recommending someone for a customer service position, you might mention their ability to resolve conflicts or their excellent communication skills.
  • Avoid overused cliches and generic statements. Instead, focus on providing specific details and examples that demonstrate the person’s strengths and qualifications. This will help make your recommendation more compelling and engaging.
  • Be honest and transparent in your assessment of the person. If there are areas where they could improve, mention them in a constructive and helpful way. This shows that you have a balanced perspective on the person and that you’re providing an authentic recommendation.
  • Use a professional tone and format for the letter. This includes using a business letter template and providing a clear introduction, body, and closing. Make sure to proofread your letter for any spelling or grammatical errors.

Overall, writing a general letter of recommendation requires thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and a willingness to provide specific examples and insights. By following these tips, you can write a compelling recommendation that highlights the person’s strengths and qualifications, which will increase their chances of success.

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I hope you found this guide helpful in creating your own general letter of recommendation. Remember, the key to a great recommendation is to personalize it and highlight the strengths and qualities of the person you are recommending. If you have any other tips or tricks for writing a great letter of recommendation, feel free to share them in the comments below. And don’t forget to check back for more useful writing tips in the future. Keep learning and keep growing!