5 Top Employment Letter of Recommendation Templates for Your Next Career Move

Asking someone to write you a letter of recommendation for a job is always nerve-wracking, no matter how confident you are in your abilities. You want the letter to reflect positively on your skills, professionalism, and work ethic, and you want it to be persuasive enough to convince potential employers to take a chance on you. Luckily, with an employment letter of recommendation template, you can take some of the stress out of this process.

Templates are a great resource for anyone looking for guidance when it comes to crafting the perfect letter of recommendation. They provide a basic framework for you to follow, ensuring that you include all the necessary information and key details that will make your letter stand out. Better yet, you can usually find templates that are specific to your industry or type of job, allowing you to tailor your letter to fit the expectations of your potential employer.

Whether you’re applying for your first job or looking to make a career change, a well-written letter of recommendation can go a long way in helping you land your dream job. With the right employment letter of recommendation template and a little bit of practice, you can put your best foot forward and impress potential employers with your credentials, experience, and personality. So what are you waiting for? Start searching for templates today, and take the first step towards your future success.

The Best Employment Letter of Recommendation Structure

Hey there! So, you’ve been asked to write a letter of recommendation for a former colleague, employee or student. That’s great news! It means they trust your opinion and value your expertise. But now comes the challenge of how to structure your letter to make it effective and impactful.

First things first, you want to begin with a cordial greeting to the recipient. Let them know who you are and how you know the person you’re recommending. This sets the tone and gives context to the rest of your letter.

After the introduction, you want to dive into the specific qualities, skills, and experiences that make the person you’re recommending an exceptional candidate. Make sure to highlight tangible examples of their accomplishments, dedication, and work ethic. Use specific metrics and data if possible to show the impact they’ve made.

It’s important to be honest and authentic in your praise. Don’t exaggerate or overinflate their abilities. Instead, stick to the facts and give specific examples to back up your claims.

It’s also helpful to include any areas of growth and development you’ve seen in the person you’re recommending. This shows that you have a well-rounded view of their strengths and weaknesses and demonstrates that they’re coachable and receptive to feedback.

Finally, wrap up your letter with a strong conclusion. Reiterate your support for the person you’re recommending and emphasize why you believe they would be a strong asset to the company or program they’re applying for. Provide your contact information in case the recipient has any further questions or wants to follow up.

Remember, this letter is a reflection of you as well as the person you’re recommending. So, take the time to craft a thoughtful and well-written letter that showcases their strengths and potential. With this structure in mind, you’ll be able to write a letter of recommendation that truly stands out. Good luck!

Employment Letter of Recommendation Templates

6 Sample Employment Letter of Recommendation Templates

Template #1: Employment Confirmation

Dear [Employer’s Name],

It is my pleasure to confirm [Employee’s Name]’s employment at [Company] as a [Job Title]. Based on their performance and work ethic, I would recommend [Employee’s Name] to anyone seeking an employee with [specific skill or quality].

[Employee’s Name] has shown marked dedication and commitment to their role, consistently completing projects within deadlines while demonstrating attention to detail and a willingness to learn new skills. Their ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and supervisors has also contributed to a positive team spirit in the workplace.

Thank you for considering [Employee’s Name] as a valuable asset to your organization. I am confident they will continue to make significant contributions in any future roles they undertake.

Best regards,

[Your Name], [Your Position]

Template #2: Academic Recommendation

Dear [Admissions Committee/ Hiring Manager],

I am writing to recommend [Student’s Name] for [Program Name/ Job Position]. [Student’s Name] was a student in my [Course Name] class at [University], and I have no doubt that they will excel in the next phase of their academic or professional journey.

[Student’s Name] showed impressive skills and knowledge in [Subject], and they demonstrated their ability to think critically and creatively in solving complex problems. They consistently participated in class discussions, effectively communicating their ideas and providing insightful feedback to their peers.

Moreover, [Student’s Name] always came prepared and completed assignments on time with excellent quality. They were a reliable and proactive team player, and their enthusiastic attitude encouraged their fellow students to achieve their best.

I strongly endorse [Student’s Name]’s application to [Program/ Job Position], and I am confident that they will make a positive impact and contribute positively to the work or academic environment.


[Your Name], [Your Position]

Template #3: Employee Promotion

Dear [Human Resources Manager/ Hiring Manager],

I am writing to recommend [Employee’s Name] for promotion to [New Job Title] within [Company Name]. [Employee’s Name] has been a [Current Job Title] in our team for [Length of Employment], and I have witnessed their exceptional performance and dedication to [specific duties and responsibilities].

[Employee’s Name] has demonstrated the ability to manage complex tasks and projects, successfully meeting deadlines with accuracy and efficiency. They have displayed strong leadership skills, earning respect and admiration from their colleagues and subordinates. They have taken initiatives to improve processes and systems, resulting in tangible benefits for the company.

Furthermore, [Employee’s Name] has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, which enable them to effectively collaborate with different departments and stakeholders. They have also shown a willingness to coach and mentor their team members, empowering them to grow and develop their skills.

Given their outstanding performance, I strongly believe that [Employee’s Name] is ready for the new challenges offered by [New Job Title], and I recommend them with the highest level of confidence and enthusiasm.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

[Your Name], [Your Position]

Template #4: Professional Reference

Dear [Hiring Manager/ Recruitment Team],

I am writing to recommend [Candidate’s Name] for the [Job Title] position. I have had the privilege of knowing [Candidate’s Name] for [Length of Time] and had the pleasure of working with them on various projects and assignments.

[Candidate’s Name] is a diligent, detail-oriented, and committed professional who continually exceeds expectations. They have experience in [Specific Skills and Qualifications], which makes them a great fit for the role. [Candidate’s Name] is always willing to go above and beyond, ensuring that tasks are completed on time and to the highest standard.

[Candidate’s Name]’s organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills make them an asset to any team they work with. They have exceptional interpersonal skills, allowing them to build relationships effectively. They are an excellent communicator and always take the initiative to suggest improvements or solutions to problems.

I strongly recommend [Candidate’s Name] for the position, and I am confident that they will excel in this role.

Thank you for your consideration.


[Your Name], [Your Position], [Your Organization]

Template #5: Character Reference

Dear [Hiring Manager/ Admissions Committee],

I am honored to write a letter of recommendation for [Applicant’s Name], whom I have known for [Length of Time]. [Applicant’s Name] is a person of integrity, reliability, and resilience, and I have no hesitation in recommending them for [Job Position/ Academic Program].

[Applicant’s Name] is an exceptional individual with a proven track record of progressing in their career or academic pursuits. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their work or academic achievements. They have strong analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills that allow them to accomplish difficult tasks and projects.

Moreover, [Applicant’s Name] is a great team player with an exceptional work ethic. They have exceptional interpersonal skills, allowing them to work well with others, even under pressure. They are a natural leader, and their ability to inspire and motivate others is exceptional.

[Applicant’s Name] is a resilient and adaptable individual who has demonstrated their capacity to face and overcome challenges. I have no doubt that they will continue to make an outstanding contribution in their future endeavors.

It is my pleasure to endorse [Applicant’s Name] for the [Job Position/ Academic Program], and I am confident that they will excel in whatever they choose to pursue.

Best regards,

[Your Name], [Your Position/ Title]

Template #6: Internship Recommendation

Dear [Internship Coordinator/ Hiring Manager],

I am writing to recommend [Intern’s Name] for the [Internship Title]. [Intern’s Name] recently worked with me as an intern in our department, and I am thoroughly impressed by their dedication, work ethic, and knowledge.

[Intern’s Name] demonstrated excellent skills in [Specific Competencies/ Functions] and was able to learn and adapt quickly to the changing work environment. They always completed their assigned tasks with accuracy and efficiency and consistently met tight deadlines. They also demonstrated excellent teamwork and communication skills, always willing to assist their colleagues whenever needed.

Moreover, [Intern’s Name] showed a great curiosity and eagerness to learn about our industry and our company. They asked thoughtful questions, conducted independent research, and presented their findings in a clear and organized manner. They also showed initiative by suggesting creative solutions to problems and actively seeking feedback to improve their performance.

I am confident that [Intern’s Name] would make an excellent addition to your team as an intern, and I strongly endorse their application for the [Internship Title].

Thank you for considering [Intern’s Name] for this opportunity.


[Your Name], [Your Position]

Tips for Crafting Impressive Employment Letter of Recommendation Templates

Are you tasked to write an employment letter of recommendation but have no idea where to begin? If yes, then you came to the right place. Writing recommendation letters can be tricky, but it’s an essential component in helping someone land their dream job. Here are some tips that can help you create an impressive employment letter of recommendation template:

  • Start with a Strong Opening – Begin the letter with a powerful and positive statement about the person you’re recommending. This will create a lasting impression and set the tone for the rest of the letter.
  • Provide Specific Examples – Avoid vague and general statements by providing specific and relevant examples that showcase the person’s abilities and achievements. This will make your letter more credible and distinguish the applicant from other candidates.
  • Emphasize Relevant Skills and Experiences – Focus on the skills and experiences that are relevant to the job the applicant is applying for. Highlight how the person’s skills and experiences align with the job requirements and responsibilities.
  • Use Positive Language – Use positive language throughout the letter. Your tone should be enthusiastic, supportive, and encouraging. Avoid negative language, even if you’re pointing out areas that need improvement.
  • Be Honest – Honesty is key to writing an effective recommendation letter. Ensure your letter is truthful and accurate, and avoid exaggerating the person’s abilities and accomplishments.
  • Include Contact Information – Include your contact information in the letter, so the employer can reach out to you for further clarification or information if needed.
  • Proofread and Edit – Proofread and edit your letter for errors, typographical mistakes, and grammatical errors. Use appropriate punctuation and ensure your letter is easy to read.
  • Customize the Letter – Customize the letter for each job application. Tailor the letter to the job requirements, the company culture, and the specific person you’re recommending.

Following these tips will help you to create a powerful and persuasive employment letter of recommendation template. Remember, your letter can make a significant difference in someone’s career, so take your time and craft a letter that truly showcases the person’s abilities and potential.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the employment letter of recommendation template. I hope you found this article helpful in guiding you to write a standout recommendation letter for your colleagues or employees. Remember, creating a compelling recommendation takes time and effort, but can have a significant impact on someone’s career. Don’t hesitate to visit us again for more career tips and advice. As Tim Ferriss once said, “Focus on being productive instead of busy.” So take the time to write that recommendation and help someone achieve their career goals.